4 Lessons from The Economist: Why Undertakers Are Worried

The bereaved, better-informed, no longer always do what they are told or pay whatever they are asked.
Cofounder of Parting Pro, Head of Product.

5 Ways to Immediately Increase Your Funeral Home's Online Performance

Here are some simple tweaks you can make with your online presence that can provide huge effects.

Snapchat for Funeral Homes: We've Launched Digital ID Verification

Get the ability to get a positive and compliant identification completed in minutes.

How to Use Your Own Funeral Home Email Domain

Step by step directions on how to set up your own custom email domain using your existing Funeral Home website address.

5 Essential Funeral Home Photography Tips

Tell your story with photographs. Don't leave families in the dark about your funeral home.

What Blockbuster Can Teach Us About the Funeral Industry

“Neither RedBox nor Netflix are even on the radar screen in terms of competition.”  —  Blockbuster CEO, 2008

Will the Internet Generation Kill the Funeral Industry?

Millennials have already killed dozens of industries. Is the funeral industry next?

The Funeral Home Online Branding Cheatsheet

We reveal the top four things that you must do TODAY to grow your customers by 55%.

Parting Pro Case Studies

Case studies of how Parting Pro has helped our funeral home customers grow their business.

How to Track Your Funeral Home to Success

Call tracking and analytics - the secret to consistent call volume growth.

How You’re Losing Over 90% of Your Potential Customers

Getting the Most Out of Google's Free Traffic

Funeral Price Transparency: A Few Thoughts

While the funeral industry argues over price transparency, consumers are seeking those that adapt.

The Funeral Unprofession

Why no one trusts the funeral industry anymore.

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