Bryan Stucky: Growing funeral home profit by 32% with Parting Pro

"I've had Parting Pro for about a year. I've been up 32% in profit and 21% in case volume."
Cofounder of Parting Pro, Head of Sales.

Milos Djordjevic of Caring Cremation on how Parting Pro helped during COVID-19

"I couldn’t even imagine what we’d be going through if I didn’t have this set up before everything hit, unfortunately. It’s a horrible situation, but without this software, I really don’t know where we would be."

Marco Cannestra from Cremation Society of Milwaukee on how earning sales have gone up after Parting Pro.

“It’s really intuitive to learn, and it’s just as intuitive for the customers. I would definitely recommend it."

Lori Wilkey from Bowman Funeral Home on how Parting Pro saves you both time and money.

“I think if anybody is questioning whether it’s worth the money, I would say you’re crazy. It’s going to cost you more than if it would be if you just bought the program and just did that.”

Eric Newhaus from Green Cremation Texas added 20+ cases in 3 months

“We partnered with Parting Pro from the very beginning and they helped us with online arrangements and digital forms, helping us stay green and paperless."

Suzanne Walley from Colonial Funeral Home added $55,000+ in additional revenue in the first 12 months.

“We implemented an online option for these families and within the first month, we already had 5 additional cases complete converted online we otherwise would have gotten.”

Will de Michaelis from Omega Society added 155+ 5-star reviews in the first 12 months.

Families tell us “Hey, it’s crazy that you have 170 reviews on Google and a 4.9-star average."

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