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Eric Newhaus from Green Cremation Texas added 20+ cases in 3 months

“We partnered with Parting Pro from the very beginning and they helped us with online arrangements and digital forms, helping us stay green and paperless."

Eric Neuhaus, the owner and operator of Green Cremation Texas in Austin, Texas.. We sat down with Eric to talk about how Parting Pro has helped the successfully launch their business  and operations seamlessly. Watch or read our conversation below. 

Parting Pro: Hey Eric, thanks for joining me today. Let’s start off by maybe introducing yourself really quick and tell everybody who you are and what you do.


Eric Neuhaus: Great, thanks for having me. My name is Eric Neuhaus, I’m the owner and operator of Green Cremation Texas in Austin, Texas.


Parting Pro: Great. Let’s start from when we first started working together if you can remember – can you tell us about what your goals were when you first started with us? What you were trying to achieve, and what challenges you had, or maybe the frustrations you were trying to get across?


Eric Neuhaus: Sure, so we started working with Parting Pro about a year ago. One of the things that we really wanted to implement was an end to end technical solution that would be able to handle all of our case volumes. We wanted something that was relatively high touched to families, something easy to use, both from an internal and external perspective. So, my funeral directors, being able to use it and work through the platform and work through the widget, if you will, and also having the families be able to engage and move throughout the life cycle as well.


Parting Pro: Got it. Can you describe for us what results you achieved, and how this has affected your business life or personal life? I know you started when you first… When you started your new business is when you started working with us, so you don’t really have any prior thing to compare to, but maybe you can talk about how things have improved since working with us.


Eric Neuhaus: Yeah, we don’t necessarily have any operations before Parting Pro, at the start of the company, we started with Parting Pro. I think overall, the platform and the product have really met our expectations and in many cases, exceeded them. We’re really happy with the amount of engagement with respect to reviews that we’re getting from families. We certainly enjoyed the attributes of being paperless, that’s something that is core to our business model itself, having no paper whatsoever. So, to be able to offer that type of service to our families is very important.


Parting Pro: Got it. And on the reviews, I think you just mentioned earlier – you guys have about 43 reviews already?


Eric Neuhaus: Yeah, we’re getting about roughly 3-4 real reviews every month, which is great. I think that helps out a lot, and that type of engagement is certainly a reflection of not only our service to our families but also the Parting Pro platform itself.


Parting Pro: Yeah, because these are actual families that are happy with your services going out of their way to write about you, and this also helps you promote your business without actually having to say anything. When families come in - they read that, and they give you a phone call, it’s like a good first impression that you’re already making. I think that will help affect your conversion down the line, right?


Eric Neuhaus: Yeah.


Parting Pro: It’s been a while, but do you remember how you first heard about us? What piqued your interest?


Eric Neuhaus: Yes, I first heard about, not Parting Pro per se, years and years ago. Maybe three or four years ago at this point. I was running a company called and was doing something very similar, we both exited out of that particular space and I saw that transition into more of a solution for funeral homes, and maybe a short year or two later, I started my own funeral home. That’s essentially how that relationship began.


Parting Pro: Got it, I remember that now. How would you describe the impact of working with us? What do you think the biggest impact has been?


Eric Neuhaus: For my company, or for…


Parting Pro: Yeah, for your company, or for your employees, for the bottom line, your day to day, any of those things.


Eric Neuhaus: I think Parting Pro’s biggest value proposition is just having a sealer location to handle a multitude of different operational processes. For me, it’s great to have one point of contact to reach out to when I have questions or I need support, rather than three or four different desperate service providers, there is instead one platform that handles all of those things.


Parting Pro: Got it. I know you’re not as involved in the day to day as some of your staff might be, but can you give people an understanding of what the process was working with us, in terms of getting set up, and just the interaction that our team has with your team on a regular basis?


Eric Neuhaus: Yeah, I think for us iy was pretty streamlined. I think a lot of that not only has to do with Parting Pro’s approach to the onboarding process, but also a reflection of the type of staff that we have here at Green Cremation Texas, we’re a little technically focused, or “digital-first,” if you may. I think overall, the process was very articulated and very clear. It’s a pretty direct linear step by step process to be able to get ramped into Parting Pro.


Parting Pro: Awesome. Let’s say… Imagine yourself as back when we first started talking and you were making the decision, someone watching this video right now is probably on the fence about Parting Pro – what would you say to them to get them to take action right now?


Eric Neuhaus: I think if you’re a little more risk accepting than others, the reward is there. I think that depending on the type of staff, there is going to be some change of management involved and you’ll have to go through some growing pains. But I think if you’re interested in the long-term effects and sustainability of your business as a whole, Parting Pro is definitely worth the investment.


Parting Pro: Awesome, thanks. And what kind of goals do you have for the future? What do you have planned for 2020?


Eric Neuhaus: Right now, more locations. Expand, and make sure our communities and communities around us and around Texas know who we are and the type of value that we bring to the table. We’re really proud of our service offering, we’re really proud of our ability to offer what we call, “Big-hearted care” to the families that we service and leveraging Parting Pro to be able to deliver that promise.


Parting Pro: Awesome. You guys have grown quite a bit this year, so hopefully next year – you guys have this foundation down, so next year will be even faster, I think.


Eric Neuhaus: I hope so too, yeah. I’m sure it will provide a whole litany of challenges this year, but so far, I feel really good about the position that we’re in. We’re working really hard to make sure that our families know that we’re here, that we’re here to stay and that we’re a great service provider.


Parting Pro: Yeah. I actually see a lot of the interaction that Melissa, your main funeral director has with a lot of the staff in the system and she seems very on top of things and she’s always messaging them and taking care of the details. It’s really good that you have her. 


Eric Neuhaus: Our five-star reviews reflect her ability to really offer a tremendous amount of love and support to the families, so that’s exactly a reflection of her professionalism and empathy.


Parting Pro: Cool, awesome. Well, thanks for your time today. I really appreciate you taking the time to sit down with me to chat about your experience with Parting Pro. It’s been really helpful.


Eric Neuhaus: Oh, of course. My pleasure, thanks for having me.



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