Parting Pro(file): Albert Chang, Co-founder/Head of Sales

Meet the staff behind Parting Pro!

The Parting Pro(file) Series invites you to learn more about how our team works, and who we are. We're not just a software company of nameless faces you'll never meet. We're from a diverse array of educational and professional backgrounds and our quirks at work are what make Parting Pro unique. We believe every funeral home we serve is equally special, and our personal service reflects our dedication to getting it right for your business. Now, you can get to know us!

At Work:

I help funeral homes stay up to date with the latest industry trends and software. I make sure funeral homes have all the information they need to determine if Parting Pro can help them achieve their goals. In many ways, I'm one of the first points of contact a funeral home owner or director may have with Parting Pro, so a big part of my job is making a solid first impression and then once we establish that connection, educate them on the potential benefits of Parting Pro for their business.

"Big firms or small, experienced owners or those newer to the business, I like thinking about the puzzle of their needs and putting pieces together with Parting Pro to improve them."


I scored in the 98th percentile on the GMAT, but never applied to business school. A few years ago, my brother and some guy named Tyler asked me: “Hey do you want to quit your job to call funeral homes and ask them if they want to buy software?” I said yes.

I talk faster than most people can understand, which sometimes presents its own challenges in sales. Now I get to enjoy working with people I respect, and connecting with funeral professionals across the entire country.

"My Why: I love technology and solving problems. Luckily Parting Pro has both of these things."

Away from Work:

I have one brother, who also happens to work here (Will Chang is also a co-founder and Head of Product). Fortunately, our parents love us and support us in everything we do. In my free time, I love all kinds of games- board games, video games etc. Any chance I get to be competitive, but still connect with people. Last, I'm also excited to announce that I am marrying the love of my life in August of this year. It looks like 2019 will be big for me! 

Inspirational Quote:


- Grumpy Cat.

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