Parting Pro(file): Stephen Chen, CTO

Meet the staff behind Parting Pro!

The Parting Pro(file) Series invites you to learn more about how our team works, and who we are. We're not just a software company of nameless faces you'll never meet. We're from a diverse array of educational and professional backgrounds and our quirks at work are what make Parting Pro unique. We believe every funeral home we serve is equally special, and our personal service reflects our dedication to getting it right for your business. Now, you can get to know us!

At work:

As the Chief Technology Officer, I take on many responsibilities in the daily operations of Parting Pro. I lead the engineering team, and help build the actual software that our client's use. Most of my day consists of customizing exactly what our funeral homes need, and translating that into code. I also enjoy keeping our team focused on the tasks at hand, and I'm definitely known as the voice of reason.

"Our team generates pretty amazing ideas, and I help determine how we can take their ideas from dreams to reality."


I graduated from The University of California-Los Angeles with a degree in computer science and then spent nearly a decade in web design. I was working in San Francisco when the other founders of Parting Pro were getting started in the Bay Area. They needed an engineer and I was interested in building a business, so it was a perfect fit.  I've enjoyed getting to see the development and growth of our company from the business aspect as well as the tech aspect.


"My Why: My goal is to build a product that is important and impactful for its users."

Away from work:

But who is the Chief Technology Officer, away from the computer? Well, I grew up in New Hampshire in a close-knit family of four. Both of my parents raised me and my twin brother (yes, I'm a twin!) and we still enjoy a close family relationship, even over the distance. I live in California now and truly believe it is the best place on Earth.

I love watching sports, especially the NBA and NFL leagues, and like most technology pros, I'm into video games. What you may not expect is that I love to cook, and I'm currently the only person in the office who will eat carbs- haha! Cooking is as meticulous as coding, but experienced in a very different way, which is probably what draws me to it.

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I find inspiration in so many things, from my physical environment to the intellectual world of technology. But one of the most important fuel sources for my mind are the founders of Basecamp, a project management platform. They have great insights on running a thoughtful company, which is key to us here at Parting Pro, as well.

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