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If you're not selling cremations online by now...

How forward-thinking funeral homes are seeing massive growth by selling cremations online

Let’s face it, rising cremation rates aren't stopping any time soon. Consumers are getting more sophisticated and expect businesses to follow suit. Failing to adapt means falling behind. Here's a few ways our Parting Pro customers are growing their business and their bottom line.

They are converting their price shoppers into paying customers


Price shopping is now something you every funeral home owner must deal with. Without a proper process to convert these price shoppers into paying customers, you are losing money. Our forward-thinking funeral homes keep track of all their price shoppers, convert at a higher percentage, and make more money without even increasing call volume. It's like finding a new money in an old coat.

Matt Walker

"I spend a fraction of the time sending proposal emails than I did before using Parting Pro."
Matthew Walker,  Woodlawn Cremation and Funeral Services


They are giving families the option to choose services and pay from their existing website


Amazon has trained everyone to buy almost anything through the internet. It's no surprise that the Internet generation is comfortable buying funeral services the same way they buy everything else. With clear, transparent pricing and safe, compliant invoicing, Parting Pro customers get paid quickly. 

August Heinz

"Parting Pro has allowed my customers to buy directly from my website. They're grateful that it's so simple and easy to use." 
August Heinz, Family Care Cremation


They are selling more merchandise and additional services


A pushy funeral director upselling merchandise can actually cause shrinking revenue. However, upsells done correctly, such as through the Parting Pro online store, actually increases the average amount a family will spend by 10%. Now imagine an extra 10% just magically added to your next 50 cases. 

Tim Meyers"I find Parting Pro to be a good investment. Not only are more people selecting urns and upgrades, but the fact that the customer is paying the credit card fee makes it worth the investment." 
Tim Meyers, Szpindor-Meyers Funeral Home


They have more time to focus on growing their business and serving their families


If you find yourself spending time filling out forms, collecting signatures, faxing paperwork, and doing the same thing over and over for each case, you are wasting precious time that could be spent growing your business. Adding a little technology into your processes allow you to increase your business, without increasing the busy work.

sheri-stahl"Parting Pro allows us to give our families the time and attention they deserve without overworking our staff." 
Sheri Stahl, Cremation Simplified


They are able to expand their service area and increase business volume


Eliminating unnecessary in-person meetings and streamlining all the repetitive processes, Parting Pro customers are able to service a larger service area. Driving a few extra miles is a no-brainer once you've freed up time and made more money on each case.

Steve Zittle"Parting Pro helps me serve any family across the entire state of Virginia much more easily."
Steve Zittle, Select Cremation


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