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Snapchat for Funeral Homes: We've Launched Digital ID Verification

Get the ability to get a positive and compliant identification completed in minutes.

We've officially launched the newest breakthrough in our product line: Digital Photo ID Verification.

On average, our customers were using at least 2 hours of staff time and at least 1 hour of a visitation room per identification verification. Funeral homes that attempted to do something digitally expressed their families’ discomfort when receiving texts or emails of pictures of their deceased to make positive identifications.

With the increasing amount of lower-priced cremation cases, funeral homes are required to operate more efficiently to survive. Those funeral homes utilizing technology to remove manual and repetitive tasks are able to achieve more with less costs. Our new photo ID verification gives our customers the ability to get a positive and compliant identification completed in minutes.


With a single photo taken from a cell phone or digital camera, a secure digital photograph is presented to the family member. After logging and validating the family member, the photo of the deceased is made available for a brief moment. During this time the family member can positively verify the deceased and then the photo is no longer accessible. This ensures the verification is valid and gives the family piece-of-mind that the photo will not be distributed.

“The ID verification process balances efficiency for my business and the dignity and respect for the deceased – all while being compliant with the rules and regulations of the funeral board. Not only does this save me time and money, but it has improved the family experience.” says Brian Leffler, owner of Cremation Specialist of Pennsylvania. On average, the time from photo taken to positive identification takes 22 mins.

Brian Leffler

"Digitally Dignified" is definitely something we keep very close to heart to make sure we’re preserving the old principals of funeral service but adapting them to the new generation of consumer.


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