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Parting Pro(file): Tyler Yamasaki, CEO

Meet the staff behind Parting Pro!

How to Sell to the Internet Consumer

Learn who the Internet Consumer really is, how they think, and what your funeral business can do to attract, and keep their business. We'll cover the evolution of online consumerism, social proof, and how these families have changed the face of modern arrangements.

Parting Pro(file): Albert Chang, Co-founder/Head of Sales

Meet the staff behind Parting Pro!

Rainy Day With Trey!

Trey Ganem Designs and Parting Pro talk innovation, passion and purpose: Those seeking industry-approval need not continue.

Rising From The Ashes

CANA’s “History of Cremation” exhibit with The National Museum of Funeral History offers glimpse into the past and future of cremation

Justin Crowe (Connecting Directors) and the Future of Funerals

"Nobody wants to go to a funeral home."

In Loving Memory

If you can't post the funeral on Instagram, did it really happen?

4 Lessons from The Economist: Why Undertakers Are Worried

The bereaved, better-informed, no longer always do what they are told or pay whatever they are asked.

Being a Speaker at ICCFA 2018: Modernizing the Funeral Industry

It's never been more apparent that the funeral industry is ready to make a change.

What Blockbuster Can Teach Us About the Funeral Industry

“Neither RedBox nor Netflix are even on the radar screen in terms of competition.”  —  Blockbuster CEO, 2008

Will the Internet Generation Kill the Funeral Industry?

Millennials have already killed dozens of industries. Is the funeral industry next?

The Funeral Unprofession

Why no one trusts the funeral industry anymore.

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