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How to Sell to the Internet Consumer

Learn who the Internet Consumer really is, how they think, and what your funeral business can do to attract, and keep their business. We'll cover the evolution of online consumerism, social proof, and how these families have changed the face of modern arrangements.
Cofounder of Parting Pro, Head of Sales.

Parting Pro(file): Albert Chang, Co-founder/Head of Sales

Meet the staff behind Parting Pro!

Parting Pro(file): Stephen Chen, CTO

Meet the staff behind Parting Pro!

The Top 3 Questions about Online Arrangements:

You asked. We answered. Poul Lemasters, funeral director, embalmer and attorney answers the top three questions about the legal side of online arrangements. Join Poul as he discusses the online GPL, digital signatures and more!

Tyrone Warden: We're receiving payments before getting a call - it's freaking us out!

How the new generation is willing to pay for cremation services online

August Heinz: "Parting Pro makes things go smoothly for my families"

Without it, his life would be "a whole lot more stressful than it already is!"

Brian Leffler: "Parting Pro's Digital Forms have been a GODSEND"

Serving the growing market of funeral consumers shopping online.

How Ron Cook uses Parting Pro to INCREASE overall call volume

Growing BOTH online direct cremation arrangements AND full services.

Steve Zittle recommends Parting Pro to anybody... except his competitors!

Why Parting Pro is "the biggest innovation in the last decade."

Summer Reading for Funeral Directors

How to support mourning families as they navigate a difficult transition-relocation.

5 Reasons Why You Need Digital Forms

The best customer experience does not include a fax machine.

If you're not selling cremations online by now...

How forward-thinking funeral homes are seeing massive growth by selling cremations online

Snapchat for Funeral Homes: We've Launched Digital ID Verification

Get the ability to get a positive and compliant identification completed in minutes.

Parting Pro Case Studies

Case studies of how Parting Pro has helped our funeral home customers grow their business.

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