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Should a Traditional Funeral Home Open a Low Cost Cremation Business? with John McQueen

How to decide whether to open a discount cremation business and avoid cannibalizing your traditional funeral business.

Many funeral home owners are considering opening a discount cremation brand to defend their market share from aggressive competitors. Seems like an obvious idea, but is it the smart thing to do?

That depends.

On this episode of Elevating Funeral Service, our good friends Ellery Bowker ( and Welton Hong (Ring Ring Marketing) talk with John McQueen, a successful funeral home operator who simultaneously grew brands at the high and low ends of the market.

John shares his expertise as we dive into three important questions.

  1. How to decide if you should (or should not) open a discount cremation business
  2. How to avoid cannibalizing your traditional business
  3. How to create differentiation between the brands to show value and support pricing


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